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James and Brittany - Strengthening their bond

James and Brittany became interested in developing their parenting skills after the birth of their second child. They each remember their own parents as quick to yell, threaten, or hit. James shared that he would often avoid his father and even began to fear him as a child. They both decided they didn’t want their kids to remember them this way. Now, they focus on creating a home that feels safe. The alternative forms of discipline that their PCAT family support worker covers during home visits was exactly the information they needed to stop the cycle of violence and strengthen their relationships with their children.

PCAT family support workers meet weekly with new parents to ensure a child’s environment is nurturing. Teaching moms and dads about positive discipline, parenting with empathy, and toys and tools to keep baby’s development on track.

Courtney- Gaining Independence

Courtney was distrustful of receiving support at first and tried to raise her daughter on her own even though she had been homeless since October. I rural East Tennessee her PCAT family support worker empowered her and supported her as she set a goal of finding safe and stable housing. After a few short months, this mom was able to get back on her feet and find a place of her own to raise her daughter. Now Courtney can focus on advocating on behalf of her daughter who has specialized medical needs.

PCAT family support workers help parents identify their strengths and empower them by using goal setting to achieve independence. Through positive support and connecting them to tangible resources families build stable homes for their children to grow up in.

Brandy- Mental Health Addressed

When Audrey was born, Brandy wasn’t expecting to struggle or feel distant from her new baby. It was hard for her to adjust to taking care of a newborn and she struggled to find herself again. It was her PCAT family support worker that first identified she might be experiencing postpartum depression. With the support of her husband, Daniel, and her PCAT family support worker, Brandy accomplished her dream of becoming a Certified Medical Assistant and is happy to be contributing financially to her family again. Brandy and Daniel are committed to building the best life for Audrey and creating a happy, loving home where she will feel adored and valued.

PCAT family support workers screen every family for postpartum depression, if needed they connect moms to available resources. They also help each family baby proof their home and educated about safe practices for newborns all while helping them identify positive coping skills to deal with the stress of parenting.