We know that nurturing relationships and safe environments in childhood build strong physical, cognitive and emotional foundations for children. Our programs build these relationships and safe environments for children in both their families AND their communities. The goal of each of our programs is to reduce traumatic experiences resulting from unsafe adult behavior and environments that can weaken any child’s foundation. Preventing abuse or neglect from ever happening in the first place sets children up for the best chance at a successful future.

Our home based programs to vulnerable families, crisis intervention, parent to parent empowerment, and public education about prevention are the touchstones of our organization.  

Participation in our programs is always voluntary, never mandatory.

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In-home education and support gives parents and caregivers the tools and skills they need to build loving, nurturing relationships with their children and grow their confidence and knowledge in parenting. Read More


Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Whether you are a parent seeking support during a stressful parenting moment, or you are in an environment where domestic violence is present, our helpline counselors are available to help you get the support and resources you need. Read More


Across the state, we work with parents, businesses, community leaders, and partners to create strong communities where children can grow up feeling loved and supported. Through training, advocacy, and education, we are committed to helping every member of the community understand their role in protecting children. Read More