Your child's teacher, your niece's soccer coach, your local librarian - so many members of the community are doing great work every day to build a strong community where children are protected and loved. When you #PassThePinwheel, you are saying, "You're doing great work! Keep it up!"



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Take a pinwheel and present it to an individual, business, or organization who is working to build a strong community where children will grow up protected and loved.  



Can't physically #PassThePinwheel? We've crafted some easy Copy & Paste social media posts for you to use when passing the pinwheel online. Don't forget to encourage people to #PassThePinwheel on to others!

#passthepinwheel with a gift to pcat

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There's no greater gift than knowing that a child is being cared for and supported. Honor someone who played that role in your life by making a donation to PCAT. You'll have the option to send them a beautiful e-card letting them know of the gift. 

You may not think you are involved in the prevention of abuse and neglect, but every time you donate to an organization that serves families or children, every time you volunteer to work with children in your faith community or at an after school program, or when you spend time mentoring a child, you ARE.
— Kristen Rector, PCAT President & CEO