healthy families core training

Provided by the Tennessee Department of Health.


This transformative, skill-driven curriculum provides practitioners with research-informed, strengths-based & solution-focused “Home Visit Conversation Guides” for engaging parents, cultivating secure attachments, and bolstering child development, while building parenting, family strengthening and other essential life skills with parents who themselves have experienced childhood adversity and other traumatic events. GGK builds Home Visitor competencies for: nurturing parental resiliency, advancing individual & family functioning, reducing a child’s exposure to toxic stress, nurturing parents’ problem-solving skills, strengthening the families’ support networks, and enabling parents to construct protective buffers around their children. This real-time, hands-on experience results in Home Visitors being “GGK Practice-Ready” and motivated to deliver the curriculum straight away.

If you wish to register, email Olga Masrejian, at the Tennessee Department of Health.