We admire you, mom.

Doctor's appointment scheduled, check.  Groceries purchased, check.  Clean uniform for the game, check.  While the list of tasks and to-do's is different for every mom, all mothers spend a lot of time selflessly taking care of their children.  And while the list of responsibilities is different in each family, all mothers share a similar motivation that keeps them going every day.  Mothers love their children dearly and want to nurture a home that supports their children and fosters an environment for them to explore the world and grow up healthy.  Simply put, every mother wants their child to have a great childhood.

Which is why in May, as we all plan our own celebrations and/or remembrances for Mother's Day, we pause to say thank you to every mother in Tennessee.  We admire each of you for your commitment to your children, your dreams for their lives and your investment in making those dreams come true.  We all come to motherhood with a unique perspective and history. Some want to be just like their mother and others commit to doing things a different way.  Not one of us is perfect or knows exactly what to do in every situation.  The truth is we all make mistakes as mothers and do those things we swore we'd never do. But we all keep trying.  You are resilient in your effort and spirit to keep going every day, your 'whatever it takes, I'll do it for my children' attitude.  After tantrums, rules that are broken, and overwhelming messes, you keep loving your children. 

Children don't come to us with a no-fail list of instructions to raise great kids.  There's a lot of advice out there for every parenting situation.  Sometimes it's downright difficult to discern what is good practice and what will help your children grow into responsible, successful adults. At Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee, we partner with hundreds of mothers who have been bold enough to ask for parenting help because they love their children so much.  We admire their courage to ask for help. 

If you too find yourself wishing you knew where to turn for help or have questions about parenting, we are here to help!  We provide in-home parenting support and operate an anonymous parent helpline to help all parents.  Our parenting helpline is 1-800-CHILDREN.  Visit www.pcat.org to learn more about our in-home parenting support. 

Happy Mother's Day.  We admire you.