Parenting, Grace and Andy Griffith

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We're so happy to have a guest author on the blog this month! Dawn, AKA The Nashville Mom, shares with us the struggle to make the best choices for your children. 

I always knew I wanted to be a mom someday but didn't have lofty aspirations of what kind of mom I'd wanted to be. Fast forward to getting married and deciding to start a family...I wasn't prepared to face all the decisions I'd immediately have to make.

  • Natural delivery or epidural?
  • Breast-fed or bottle?
  • Stay at home mom or work?
  • Traditional or home school?
  • Pinterest mom or store bought everything?

The choices are overwhelming and while many are personal, somehow the influence of others is always there, creeping in the back of our minds. Even though I try to make the right decisions for my children, I often fail. I make mistakes, I yell and say things that I later regret. But the good news is that I'm given another chance each day and try to do a little better. I make sure to apologize to my children and let them know that Mommy makes mistakes.

Recently, my son has started watching the Andy Griffith show on Netflix. This show is in black and white, usually one of the characters gets into mischief or gets into a dilemma throughout the episode. However, at the end of the show, the moral of the story is always discussed and worked out among friends and family. Life in Mayberry was simple- Opie didn't attend $1000 birthday parties, Aunt Bee didn't always make meals from organic, non-GMO ingredients and Andy was a full-time working dad. But the theme is simple, they were a family that loved each other and even through the hard times, they worked things out together.

My children will not grow up in a perfect home. They will not always have the best of everything and their parents will make mistakes. I do hope that when they look back on their childhood, they will know that above all, they were loved and we always tried our best.

Dawn and her family love exploring all things Nashville and sharing their adventures! Dawn loves connecting with other moms and highlighting the best of Nashville! You can find her eating her way through Nashville with kids in tow, trying new things like Goat Yoga, and enjoying all that Music City has to offer! You can find her at, or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.