5 Things Every Child Needs: #3


Play activities help your child explore and develop his/her senses and discover how the world works.


At PCAT, we have a very simple method for parent-child play. If your child feels safe and has access to good stimulation, you are providing your child with the best play possible. What’s “good stimulation”? Good stimulation is:

  • Looking into the eyes of your baby while you speak to him.

  • Getting on the floor with your child and playing the game that she wants to play.

  • Limiting your child’s screen time and encouraging him to make up his own activity for you two to enjoy together.

  • Having the patience to let your child try to figure something out no matter how long it takes.

  • Limiting your child’s exposure to stress and harmful substances.

Here’s why all of this matters: when you respond to your child with love and care, your baby feels safe and capable to explore the world around them. With that safety in place, there isn’t anything they can’t do! By playing with them and encouraging their curiosity, you are supporting the growth of healthy connections between neurons in their brain. This means you are making your child stronger and smarter! Healthy babies learn how to regulate their emotions, perform athletically, participate in school, manage stress, problem-solve, have a positive self-image, and so much more!

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