5 Things Every Child Needs: #2

5 things every child needs #2:


Music expands your child’s world, teaches new skills, and offers a fun way to interact with your child.


Music is all around us. It’s a sound that everyone can enjoy and it’s a resource that every parent has access to. Many studies have proven that the presence of music in a child’s life has positive benefits. Higher math scores, dynamic communication skills, and advanced literacy are just a few.

  • Songs about eating and bath time help parents introduce routines to their babies.

  • Dances like the Hokey Pokey help toddlers practice coordination and memorization.

  • Even nursery rhymes can be turned into the greatest joke in the world for a preschooler by changing one word (i.e. Mary had a little spider).

All of these influences are wonderful ways to build your child’s intelligence and talent, but what we love most about music is that it is a fun way to enjoy time with your child. You don’t need props, stage lights, music lessons, or any other tool. With your voice alone, you can share joy, creativity, love, and any other wonderful experience you want with your child.

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