5 Things Every Child Needs: #4


Talking with your child helps to build verbal skills needed to succeed in school and later in life.


Did you know that by the age of 5, your child’s brain will be about 90% of its adult size!? That’s a lot going on for a baby! We know that the more words a baby hears, the larger that baby’s vocabulary will be as an adult. And just like it takes adults time to practice a new skill, it takes babies time too.

By encouraging your baby to say simple words like “ba-ba” and “ma-ma,” you are going to teach her how to use face muscles and vocal cords to make different sounds, before she even knows a word. As your child grows, you will have opportunities to support her communication skills every single day. You can help her put a name to the feelings she experiences, you can encourage her to read aloud, you can remove distractions from the area around her and ask her about her day. You can spell out words that she recognizes. You can sing the ABC’s!

By communicating with your child and even more importantly, by letting your child communicate with you, you will teach her how to be a good listener and a good talker. This means greater success in school, in relationships, in jobs, and in everything else she wants to accomplish!

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