Newborn Nests help keep children safe

Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee pilots offering Newborn Nests to vulnerable families in 14 counties as an innovative strategy to prevent sleep related deaths and reduce infant mortality rates.

Last year in Tennessee, nearly 100 children died due to preventable sleep related causes.  To combat this, we have partnered with the Tennessee Department of Health to pilot a new strategy, called the Newborn Nest, to prevent sleep related deaths in infants. The Newborn Nest is a box that caregivers can easily move from room to room and use as a safe sleep environment for their baby until the baby outgrows the nest. Watch a quick, informative video about the Newborn Nest.

The boxes are offered to vulnerable families in 14 counties in Tennessee where there is no safe sleep environment and come filled with a mattress, sheet, pacifier, sleep sack, onesie, burp cloth and a wash cloth.  It complies with all of the American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations, the ABCs of safe sleep. Babies should sleep Alone, on their Back and in a Crib.

PCAT will offer a newborn nests to any family that participates in our Healthy Families TN program where a home visitor observes that there is not a safe place for a baby to sleep.