About Us

Our Vision is to see all children thriving in safe, stable, nurturing environments and communities.

Our Mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of children in Tennessee.

Our Values guide our work and are the principles by which we make decisions: Compassion, Courage, Diversity, Generosity, Innovation, Integrity, Justice, and Team Focus.

Our History

We believe everyone wants what is best for their children.

Bringing a child into this world and walking alongside them as they navigate the twists and turns that life brings is a great responsibility. Everyone approaches the responsibility of parenting differently. Some have great examples from observing their own parents and others say they’ll never be like their parents. Regardless of how you grew up, we believe everyone wants what is best for their children. We also understand that everyone needs a network of support and tangible resources to give their child a great childhood.

For over 35 years, Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee's mission has been to support parents and the communities where they live in building loving homes where children feel treasured, adored and valued. Partnering with mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other caregivers, we see the power of prevention day in and day out. We listen to each parent and support them in making their dreams for their children a reality. It’s our privilege to enter each family’s home and observe their devotion to fostering an environment that allows their children to thrive.

In 2008, we committed to using evidence-based program models in our daily work. Our programs are rooted in research and proven to positively impact the lives of both the children and the caregivers in the home. In 2010, we expanded our direct services to families from three counties to 20 counties in Tennessee. Today, we provide in-home parenting support in 30 counties in Tennessee and administer several statewide programs. Our goal across all programs is to foster healthy parent- child relationships and connect vulnerable families with community resources so that every child in Tennessee can have a great childhood.



Awards and Recognition

Top Workplace in the small business category in 2019.

Top Workplace in the small business category in 2019.

Salute To Excellence 2018 Winner Badge.png

Salute To Excellence Catalyst for Change - WINNER
Nashville Center for Nonprofit Management, 2018

Governor’s Award for Excellence in Early Foundations, 2018

Best in Business, Best Nonprofit, Nashville Business Journal, 2016

Access to Care Finalist, Nashville Center for Nonprofit Management, 2015